Lysle Rishel Post 68



Commanders Notes

Kristy wanted to get this out before The Tournament so this is why it is early..

The Tournament parking lot setup will be on 3/23 at 1300. Teardown will be on 3/30 at 1430. The Tournament starts this year on Sunday 3/24. John needs help with the parking lot all through the tournament. 

The Scholarship Breakfast (Pancake Feed) will be Thursday 3/28. We need workers! The setup will be Wednesday 3/27 at 0800. Teardown will be starting after the feed at 1100 and completed when the grills are in the shed and Linda’s kitchen is restored. Last year myself and one other member had to move the grills. They are heavy!  The job is not over until the grills are in the shed.  

Below are the Post-election rules passed by the membership at the Post Meeting on 3/18. 

The Committeemen are Bruce Branson-Chairman, Randy Clyborne, Mike Kelly.  

Post 68 Election rules 2024

The Post-election will be held on April 22, 2024, from 0700 until 1900 hours. Ballots will be counted by the election committee at 1900. Results will be given to the membership after the New Business of the Post meeting. New officers will be sworn in at that time.

Voters must be a member in good standing showing a 2024 Post 68 membership card or be listed on the Post 68 membership roster as paid to receive a ballot.

Members are allowed to run for multiple positions/offices. In the case where a member is elected to two positions/offices, He/She will be permitted to choose which position/office they will take. The person with the second-place vote in the non-filled position will then be the winner of that position/office. 

One person one vote. The election committeeman in charge will mark the member as voted on the Post roster.  

No electioneering. If your name is on the ballot, you come in, vote, and vacate the premises until 1820 if you are taking part in the meal or 1900 if not.

No member of the election committee may run for any position/office.


ALA Notes

March 18th was our meeting night and I reported Robert Doll VA needed undergarments for men and women.  I received a phone call today from Deputy Linda Wilson they have enough women garments, but they do need the men’s garments in boxer briefs only sizes large, XLarge, and XXLarge.

NJCAA Tournament is the week of March 24th thru March 30th.  The Scholarship Pancake Breakfast is March 28th, and we need workers to help with this event.  Serve pancakes from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  Then there is clean-up that has to be done before the event is over.

District 7 Convention will be April 6th, 2024, in Great Bend, Kansas.  Meeting starts at 9:00 AM.  Please mark your calendars for this event.

Nomination of officers will be at our April 22, 2024, meeting.  If you would like to run for an office for this next year, please come to the meeting ready to put your name in the hat.

Please watch the Sunflowerette in April for new email addresses for Department Office Personnel and the new online address that starts April 1, 2024, of . 

The 2024 Auxiliary dues are now being collected and if not paid by Dec 31, 2023, you are delinquent.  The new dues are now $36.00 and may be paid to Vicki Tracy, 407 E 36th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67502, or at the Legion Office or online at  We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.  President Edie Griffin.    


SAL Notes:

I am writing these notes the week before the tournament.  We are gearing up for a busy week and hopefully we will have some big crowds with Barton County, Cowley County, and Hutchinson in the tournament this year.  Thank you to everyone who volunteers throughout the week to make this a successful tournament.  Coming up in May, we will be putting up new flag poles out at Fairlawn Cemetery to get ready for Memorial Day weekend.  We are currently working to purchase 20 new flagpoles and will have a work day out at the cemetery to put put holders in the ground.  More details to come! Here is to warmer weather and busy weekends!!


NJCAA Notes:

Thank you to all the Committee Members and volunteers that worked so hard to make the NJCAA tournament successful. It’s your hard work, all year round not just the week of the tournament that makes the American Legion, NJCAA, and Hutchison look good for the week. Also I hope everyone has noticed the new banners around Hutchison at our sponsor’s locations, thanks to those that helped put this up there as well. As you are at the tournament this year if you see arena staff stop and say thanks to them, they are gracious and always help us prepare for the tournament. And finally remember this tournament, and our participation and attendance to it, help fund American Legion Post #68 and its community and youth activities throughout the year, so please consider coming out and watching games during the week. If you’re interested in volunteering next year please get ahold of the Legion at 620-662-0573 and leave a message. Thanks again for all your work this year, count down is on for next years!