Lysle Rishel Post 68

American Legion Post 68 March E Newsletter

Commanders Notes

If you would like to get this newsletter by email, call 662-0573, or send an email to with your information. This will save us money on Postage. Our expenses at the Post continue to rise. Anything that we can do to reduce them will help keep the Post open.

Children and Youth
We still need volunteers to go to the school awards programs and present

these awards to Students. Please help us in this great program. Just call the post and give them your information. These award programs will start in May, close to graduation.


March is a busy month for the Post. The NJCAA tournament will be March 20-25. The Pancake feed that funds our scholarships to HCC students will be March 23 from 0630-1100. We need volunteers for that also. We will tear down the kitchen, bring in the grills, and cover the entire area in cardboard on the Wednesday before from 0900-1100.

The notes with the names and phone numbers from the last ten years have walked off, I’m working off of ten-year-old notes. I was only able to find four names in the paperwork on the Pancake Feed that have not transferred to Post Everlasting. Please, if you have volunteered in the past or would like to volunteer this year, come in. We will put you to work. It takes a crew!

The Vet to Vet breakfast hosted by Interim Healthcare will be an ongoing event every second Friday starting at 0900. This month we served around 25 Vets and their wives. Donations will go to Kansas Honor Flights. We hit the $1200 figure in the fund last week. Please support this event. The breakfast is free but we will take $$Donations$$.

We have put together a fifth Thursday Meal crew. We will be serving Beef and Noodles with all the other fixings. ALA Notes

Got your kite ready for the March winds? We can always count on being extra windy this month. Also this month, we can count on the NJCAA tournament needing volunteers. It is not hard and volunteers get to be part of the excitement. Our post receives a great deal of funds working the tournament to assist veterans and their families in our community. Reach out to Ron Chadwick (or me) if you want to help out. We meet together on the fourth Monday of the month and enjoy a meal at 6:30 and our meeting starts at 7:30. Dues are still $28 and If you haven't paid your dues yet, now would be a great time to do so. Reach out to Vicki Tracy. She can take your dues several ways. You can send her a check, 407 E 36, Hutchinson KS 67502, drop it by the legion or pay online. You can reach me at

SAL Notes:

Another year has gone by and this year’s tournament is already
here!! Looking forward to seeing all of the volunteers that help make the tournament go!! It is a busy week, but it is worth it! We get to represent our Post and our town. See you all in a few weeks at the Sports Arena.


ALR notes

Happy almost riding season. We're doing good about getting dues paid but

have a few more to go. Please pay your 2023 dues before you're delinquent

and have to be voted back in. You need a current membership to participate

in legion events. March 19 at 1300 we will be setting up the parking lot for

the NJCAA tournament. Tear down is the 26th at 1300. Per the lot police

(Harlow) they only need us to monitor the handicapped area on the south

end of the arena. I'll have a sign-up sheet at the March 2nd meeting. They

will be 4 hour shifts so please step up and help out with this event. Thanks

in advance. Don't forget we serve burgers before the meeting starting at

1700 with tostadas on the 4th at 1100. Could use your help. It's a good time

to get to know each other. We are a family after all.


2023 is the 75th Anniversary of American Legion Post 68 Hosting the NJCAA DI Men’s
Basketball Tournament.
Post 68 Legion family tournament committee would like to thank everyone that helped

with the tournament last year to make it a big success. We are looking forward to this
upcoming 76th tournament in March 20-26.
We are still looking for volunteers in many capacities please contact RON CHADWICK

620-694-7642 or email @ or the Legion office for more information and how you can help