Lysle Rishel Post 68

American Legion Post 68 

2024 March Newsletter


Commanders Notes


The raffle for a Henry Lever Action Big Boy 44 caliber is over. The winning ticket was drawn at the Mid-Winter forum. It went to a member from Lenexa. He purchased one of the last tickets. We sold and accounted for all 200 tickets resulting in a contribution to Dan Wiley’s National Commander campaign of almost $2,900.00.

I’m getting questions from members about the mailed newsletter. It will be posted on the Post 68 website and Facebook page. We will print a few locally and have them available at the Post for pickup. None will be mailed. Please call the Post or get your Email address to us somehow.

The CBOC (VA) on 30th has a computer and printer that they will let veterans use to display and print the newsletter. Their computer comes up to the VA sign on page automatically. The following procedures will need to be followed if you want to view/print the newsletter.

  1. Key in “” on the address line in the upper left corner where https://www is.
  2. Key in “” in the google search bar.
  3. Find the link to Hutchpost68 newsletter (monthly) and click on it. (If you get the home page the newsletter monthly it is the first link on the left side of the webpage). 
  4. The Post 68 webpage will be displayed with the commander and the other family notes. 
  5. Make sure that the printer is powered on prior to trying to print either the notes or calendar. The power switch is on the top right of the front cover of the printer. When you leave be sure to leave in the state that you found it. 
    1. To print the notes hit control P (CTRL and P at the same time on the keyboard), make sure that when the next screen comes up that it says, “print on one side”, then click “print”.  
    2. The calendar is the second link on the left side of the webpage. It has a link at the top of the page to print it. Click it and once again make sure it says, “print on one side” then click “print”.
  6. After you are finished click “end session” in the upper right of the screen to return it to the VA logon screen. Leave it as you found it!


The Tournament parking lot setup will be on 3/23 at 1300. Teardown will be on 3/31 at 1300. The Tournament starts this year on Sunday 3/24. John needs help with the parking lot all through the tournament. Please call the Post mornings and let him know a time when you can work. Riders we get a good sum on money from the Tournament for helping with the parking lot. Please work in a time that you can help.

The Scholarship Breakfast (Pancake Feed) will be Thursday 3/28. We need workers! The setup will be Wednesday 3/27 at 0800. Teardown will be starting after the feed at 1100 and completed when the grills are in the shed and Linda’s kitchen is restored. Last year myself and one other member had to move the grills. They are heavy!  The job is not over until the grills are in the shed.  

The Post membership voted to move the March Post meeting up a week since it fell during the Tournament. It will be on 3/18. 

The Post-election will be held at the April Post meeting 4/22 from 0700 until 1900. We will be voting on all Officer positions and two positions on the Executive Committee. If you are interested in running for office, stop by the Post and pick up a nomination form. Your 2024 dues must be paid. We will close nominations at the end of the March Post meeting. 


ALA Notes:


As usual time is flying by quicker than I can keep up with it.  Here we are going into the month of March, and I have no idea where the first 2 months have gone.  

I would like to thank the Auxiliary ladies who helped with the Rib Feed on Feb 15th and Chicken Night on Feb 17th. That was a lot of work for you and Linda in the Kitchen this last week.  We appreciate you all volunteering when asked.

With that said we need to have the entire Unit committee chairman’s get their reports written and sent to the 7th District Chairman for their committee before March 1st, 2024.  The report information is on the Department Website .

There will be a meeting on March 18, 2024, along with the covered dish meal at 6:30 PM to co-inside with the men’s meeting for the month.  

NJCAA Tournament is the week of March 24th thru March 30th.  The Scholarship Pancake Breakfast is March 28th, and we need workers to help with this event.  Serve pancakes from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  Then there is clean-up that has to be done before the event is over.

District 7 Convention will be April 6th, 2024, in Great Bend, Kansas.  Please mark your calendars for this event.

The 2024 Auxiliary dues are now being collected and if not paid by Dec 31, 2023, you are delinquent.  The new dues are now $36.00 and may be paid to Vicki Tracy, 407 E 36thAve, Hutchinson, KS 67502, or at the Legion Office or online at We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.  President Edie Griffin.    



SAL Notes:

It is already March, and that means we are gearing up for the NJCAA Tournament!  It is a great feeling to be a part of something that has been in Hutch for so long.  Thank you to everyone who volunteers at the tournament!  We are always looking for more volunteers.  If you would like to help and are not currently on a committee, please reach out to the post and we can get you in touch with a chairman.  For those who are volunteering, please make sure your dues are paid up for 2024! 


ALR Notes:

Hello riders. It’s me again. It is hard to believe that 1/6th of the year has gone by already. As I put out at our last meeting, the NJCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us. There will be a sign-up sheet with the hours of gate duty for you to place your name on. So don’t be shy and place your name in your favorite time slot. We will have only two gates to cover that I know of and those gates control the handicap reserved parking in from of the Sports Arena. Set-up of the arena parking lot will take place on Saturday, 3/23/2204 and tear down will be on Sunday, 3/31/2024 so mark your calendars come out and volunteer your assistance in these endeavors. On Wednesday, 3/27/2024 is the date of the Pancake Feed and help is needed there along with covering the two gates at the arena. This requires that the kitchen be tore down and then set back up after the feed. Start time for tear down is at 0800 hours (8 am civilian) and set back up is right after the feed. I wish to thank and commend those who have been showing up for our funeral missions whether it is for a flag line or escort to the cemetery with flag line there, or both. THANK YOU In closing I challenge all members, myself included, to put forth the efford to follow the Riders Creed. There are six parts to the creed, and I will put one part of the creed in this and the next 5 Rider Notes. Part, one starts below.                


1.  Riders dedicate themselves to the success of the American Legion. I know through my efforts I can make a difference. (Number 2 next month)




NJCAA Notes:

The NJCAA tournament starts Sunday March 24th thru Saturday March 30th no games Friday March 29th. Hope to see a lot of you there and tell all your friends to buy their tickets as this does help the Post.


For ticket info click on this link..





Date Game Number Round Time 


Sunday, March 24 1 First 10:00 AM CT 


Sunday, March 24 2 First 12:15 PM CT 


Sunday, March 24 3 First 2:30 PM CT 


Sunday, March 24 4 First 5:00 PM CT 


Sunday, March 24 5 First 7:15 PM CT 


Sunday, March 24 6 First 9:30 PM CT 


Monday, March 25 7 First 10:00 AM CT 


Monday, March 25 8 First 12:15 PM CT 


Monday, March 25 9 Second 2:30 PM CT


Monday, March 25 10 Second 5:00 PM CT 


Monday, March 25 11 Second 7:15 PM CT 


Monday, March 25 12 Second 9:30 PM CT 


Tuesday, March 26 13 Second 12:00 PM CT 


Tuesday, March 26 14 Second 2:15 PM CT 


Tuesday, March 26 15 Second 5:00 PM CT 


Tuesday, March 26 16 Second 7:15 PM CT 


Wednesday, March 27 17 Quarterfinal 12:00 PM CT 


Wednesday, March 27 18 Quarterfinal 2:15 PM CT 


Wednesday, March 27 19 Quarterfinal 5:00 PM CT 


Wednesday, March 27 20 Quarterfinal 7:15 PM CT 


Thursday, March 28 21 Semifinal 5:00 PM CT 


Thursday, March 28 22Semifinal 7:15 PM CT


 Saturday, March 30 23Final 1:00 PM CT